Department of Languages


Department of Languages provides language courses of English, German and Spanish within the compulsory subjects (B cat.) in Bachelor's study programs (2 semesters) and Master's study programs (4 semesters) at the Faculty of Theology USB. The department is very open and functions beyond the Faculty, it offers language courses to foreign Erasmus students and also to students from other faculties and parts of USB. It also provides language courses for the public (the life-long learning - "CŽV") and employees of USB. The Department lecturers also provide translation and interpretation services for the Faculty, other faculties and parts of USB, and also for the local Bishopric.


Head of the Department                                  

Michal Novotný, M. A.
phone: + 420 387 773 536
mob. phone: +420 603 834 835
room: 4.51 


Karolina Půrová, M. A.
phone: +420 387 773 556
room: 214C


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Helena Zbudilová
phone: + 420 387 773 527
room: 4.20